Camp Stories

What's the Magic of Camp?

Why are people so loyal to their sleepaway camps? What exactly happens at camp that makes people rhapsodize about the experience thirty or forty years later? More >

There's a Camp Out There for Everyone

They are singing silly songs, playing funny games and giggling in their bunks before bed time.  It looks like they are having too much fun to be learning anything of importance, right? More >

The Boy in the Boat: Life Lessons Learned at Camp

Ben was the boy in the boat. The lessons he learned at camp originated from, or were reinforced by, the challenges he faced as a skipper, navigating uncertain and constantly shifting conditions having to do with wind, tide, crew, and competition. More >

Let the Learning Continue

While many children look forward to the summer as a time of unstructured free play, many parents worry that, well, summer is a time of unstructured free play. More >

Reaching Out

Summer camps are serving their greater community.  Better yet, kids are often given the chance to help. More >

The 2011 Camp Champions Celebration

More than 100 children will get to go to ACA Accredited day & resident camps in New England in summer 2012 after the success of the inaugural Camp Champions Celebration. More >