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 Year-round Heroes. From Campfires to Classrooms.

October 6, 2023

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In the world of education and summer camp leadership, a remarkable group of year-round heroes seamlessly transition from the campfire to the classroom, dedicating themselves to the pursuit of knowledge and personal growth year-round. Page Rich, living in Dover, NH – is one such exceptional individual who embodies the spirit of a year-round hero devoted to year-round teaching.

Alford Lake Camp Sign - Hope, Maine

Hope, Maine

A Journey Rooted in Education and a Passion for Music

Page Rich’s educational journey began at The Derryfield School in Manchester. She then majored in Music and History with a minor in Modern American Politics and Culture at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, and earned a Master’s in Education focused on Curriculum and Instruction from Boston College.

Page’s teaching career showcases her unwavering commitment to education. She has teaches K-8 music and has taught other subjects such as 6th-grade English and Math.  Page also has experience in fostering teamwork and sportsmanship as a coach for Middle School and Junior Varsity field hockey, lacrosse, and basketball teams.


A Camp Enthusiast and Program Director

Page’s connection to summer camps runs deep, spanning more than three decades. She has been a camper or staff member at Alford Lake Camp in Hope, Maine, where she currently serves as the Assistant to the Directors, ensuring the camp remains a place of growth, adventure, and cherished memories.

The American Camp Association, New England, which accredits camps throughout the region including Alford Lake Camp, supports the concept of camps serving as vibrant classrooms for kids, offering a unique and immersive learning environment beyond the traditional school setting. “In these outdoor classrooms, children acquire essential life skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, and independence that they carry with them throughout their lives,” says Michele Rowcliffe, Executive Director of ACA New England. “They also learn about nature, hone their creativity, and develop a deep sense of appreciation for the environment,’ she adds.

-Leslie Cipolla
Aigner / Prensky Marketing Group

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