DEIB Resource Exchange

As we continue our commitment to creating spaces of learning for the community, we know sometimes our best resources exist within each other.

As we all learn through application of different approaches to leading and managing, this resource will continue to grow along with us.  Please do not allow perfectionism to keep you from contributing. We  know there are diverse approaches to building environments for staff and kids to feel safe and welcome, and we look forward to you sharing some of your best practices. ACA, New England is deeply committed to creating inclusive spaces for all its members and their campers by continuing the conversation and providing resources related to DEIB. As we all work to improve our campers experiences by fostering a real sense of belonging, inclusion and equity we are excited to launch this JotForm. This form will be a tool and resource to gain ideas and approaches you as leaders have utilized to deliver the highest quality trainings for your staff as it relates to DEIB.

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Cultural Appropriation

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