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Meet the 2023-2024 EPIC, New England Committee

October 11, 2023

 Emerging Professionals In Camping (EPIC), New England is a Community within ACA, New England that creates connections, provides opportunities, and helps emerging professionals navigate the waters of their career in camping.

EPIC’s are identified by the work they do. There is no age or experience requirement. If the topic of conversation or theme of an event speaks to you and you work in camping, you are EPIC.

EPIC, New England is lead by a committee of ACA, New England members who are EPIC in their work and dedicated to the cause of creating better camping for all. If you’d like to connect with anyone on the committee, feel free to reach out to those below or email

2023 – 2024 EPIC, New England Committee

Name: Stevie Faulk (Chair)
Place of work: Fernwood Cove
Role at work: Assistant Director
Summer location: Harrison, ME
Favorite camp food: Chicken Pot Pie
Why get involved with ACA and EPIC: Getting involved within ACA and EPIC does exactly what you do at camp – builds a community and lends itself to making new connections. It opens doors & gives you a community of resources throughout the year and into each summer. Getting involved has added so much value to my career in camping and has given me new friends and colleagues across New England!

Name: Jonathan Caflun
Place of work: Camp Wekeela
Role at work: Assistant Director
Summer location: Hartford, ME
Favorite camp food: Grilled Cheese
Why get involved with ACA and EPIC: Building community outside of the summer season is challenging for those in the camp industry & most of my friends and family members don’t understand what working at a summer camp full-time really entails. Engaging with the ACA and EPIC allows a larger community of like-minded individuals who get the trials and tribulations of your job.

Name: Ross Cannon
Place of work: Hulbert Outdoor Center
Role at work: Program Director
Summer location: Fairlee, VT
Favorite camp food: Chicken Patties
Why get involved with ACA and EPIC: I think it is important to connect with other groups in this industry to share information, create connections, and have an impact in the way that we all work to sustain this work!


Name: Carissa Chipman
Place of work: Chalmers Camp Insurance
Role at work: Program Business Development Specialist
Summer location: Gorham, ME
Favorite camp food: S’mores
Why get involved with ACA and EPIC: Joining groups like ACA New England and EPIC New England lets you meet and connect with other camp professionals. You can hear about similar challenges and interests and learn new things. I like being able to learn what different camps need and give ideas and tools to make camp safer. Both groups are great for learning, working together, and getting help from other professionals when needed. We all know that running a camp is a full-time job, not just something for the summer.

Name: Pat Clare
Place of work: Camp Pemigewassett
Role at work: Assistant Director
Summer location: Wentworth, NH
Favorite camp food: Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup
Why get involved with ACA and EPIC: EPIC and ACA, New England provide valuable professional development and community opportunities. In a job that can feel pretty isolated at times during the off-season, these communities give you people to bounce ideas off of, share your highs and lows with, and problem-solve with during both the summer and off-season. These communities also help you learn about other camps which can lead to invaluable ideas or resources to put to use back at your own camp.

Name: Marcie Glad
Place of work
: Help My Spreadsheets
Role at work: Spreadsheet Consultant
Summer location: Medford, MA
Favorite camp food: Tinfoil Dinner
Why get involved with ACA and EPIC: Involvement with peer community groups has been the source of emotional and professional support. When I decided to quit my job and move into the unknown, it was my professional networking groups that broke my fall and gave me a new foundation. 100% The best thing I did for my future was be involved! Also makes conferences more fun!

Name: Luke Joines
Place of work: YMCA Camp of Maine
Role at work: Program Director
Summer location: Winthrop, ME
Favorite camp food: Chicken Parm
Why get involved with ACA and EPIC: I am a big advocate for engaging with other organizations outside of your own, especially ACA New England & EPIC because they are a great resource for your own Career Professional Development but also other like minded individuals are connected and want to share and support in whatever way you may need it. My thought process and ideas can sometimes be very ‘my camp’ specific and sometimes limited in creativity. Through connecting with other camping professionals who are engaged with EPIC New England, it has allowed me to grow personally and has provided many opportunities for us to share ideas and to develop them together.

Name: Danielle Levya
Place of work: Wheeler School
Role at work: Camp Director
Summer location: Seekonk, MA
Favorite camp food: Chicken Nuggets
Why get involved with ACA and EPIC: It is important to engage with ACA New England and EPIC New England because the members are constantly trying to improve and continue to make camp an amazing place for campers. At the same time, we want to share our knowledge, experiences, laughs and cries. It is a great way for us to come together from all over New England and brainstorm together.

Name: Will Mason
Place of work: Brewster Day Camp
Role at work: Camp Director
Summer location: Brewster, MA
Favorite camp food: Burgers
Why get involved with ACA and EPIC: ACA, New England offers an incredibly welcoming community full of people eager to make EVERY camp in New England better. The Professional Development opportunities are second to none and their shared wealth of knowledge is invaluable! While ACA is amazing, it can feel overwhelming at first with how many people are involved. This is where EPIC comes in! EPIC is a small group that allows your voice be heard and your questions to be answered!.

Name: Nate Podgajny
Place of work: Pine Tree Camp
Role at work: Assistant Director for Day Programs
Summer location: Rome, ME
Favorite camp food: Egg McPineTree Breakfast Sandwiches
Why get involved with ACA and EPIC: Especially in an environment like camping leadership, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the trees to the point we get lost in the forest- EPICNE helps me stay focused on the bigger picture. No matter what we’re up to, we’re always stronger when we work together.


Name: Em Bruce
Place of work: Camp North Star
Role at work: Assistant Director
Summer location: Poland, ME
Favorite camp food: Mediterranean Night
Why get involved with ACA and EPIC: Camp is all about community, and that doesn’t just apply to the summer. To foster the happiest, most productive camp communities, it’s important that extends to the offseason. Having organizations like ACA New England and EPIC allow us to support and foster new ideas and young professionals as they continue to grow and develop, offer support and advice, and allow our community to continue to grow. We make each other better.


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