Accreditation & Benefits

Why become an ACA New England Accredited Camp?

Who can become an ACA New England Accredited Camp?

  • Overnight Camps
  • Day Camps
  • Private Independent Camps
  • Nonprofit Camps
  • Faith-Based Camps
  • Family Camps
  • Medical Needs Camps
  • Sports, Music, Science, or Art Camps
  • Travel Camps
  • Camps that Rent to Others
  • Camps that Run on Public or Private Property
  • Want to know if your camp is ready for Accreditation? Contact Elizabeth Snell, Director of Accreditation Services.
Why? - Accreditation

Educates Camp Owners

and directors in the administration of key aspects of camp operation.

Why? - Accreditation

Establishes Guidelines

for needed policies, prodecures, and practices.

Why? - Accreditation

Assists the Public

in selecting camps that meet industry-accepted and governement-recognized standards.

The value of becoming an ACA New England Accredited Camp

  • Shows that your camp meets industry-accepted and government-recognized standards.
  • Shows that your camp is taking responsible steps toward the health and safety of campers and staff.
  • Provides specific actionable guidance so you don't have to guess.
  • Accreditation can reduce insurance rates.
  • A growing number of grants and funding opportunities require or weight ACA Accreditation.
  • Provides 1-10 Individual Memberships with all included member benefits per camp.

Ready to get started?

Accreditation Timeline

Your Timeline

ACA recommends the camp leadership expect a minimum of six months but more generally eight to 18 months preparation time. A nine-month schedule looks something like this.
*NOTE – New England Visitors are assigned in late winter and Document Reviews occur by March.

Click this link to complete the Accreditation Application. You will be contacted by a member of our staff when it is received.

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