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Why use member platforms?

September 5, 2023

5 Reasons to join and use the New England Camp Community?

The New England Camp Community is a NEW online platform hosted by Tradewing for New England members. But why should you explore the New England Camp Community? The following are just five reasons to make the New England Camp Community part of your routine as you prepare for what’s next on your camp agenda:

Knowledge Sharing: Share and acquire knowledge on topics important to you from other members, experts, enthusiasts, and peers.

Community Building: Camp is a community. When we provide opportunities for camp people to connect, engage in discussions, and build relationships with other camp people, we contribute to better camping for all.

Problem Solving: Whether looking for fresh insight or for supporting information, members can share their questions and challenges and receive answers from a diverse group of individuals with varying perspectives and experiences.

Networking Opportunities: “Your Network is Your Net Worth” The New England Camp Community is a place for people to connect and grow together.

Diverse Perspectives: Online communities enable a greater reach allowing engagement with people from around the world providing a platform to explore diverse viewpoints, cultural differences, and unique experiences.

As a reminder, the New England Camp Community is a dynamic space. If you don’t see a group you think should be active, would like to create a private group for a specific audience or purpose, or if you don’t see a Tag that’s necessary for an emerging conversation, please don’t hesitate to contact

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