Campus Head (Assistant Director) for Camp for Boys and Nonbinary Youth

Campus Head (Assistant Director) for Camp for Boys and Nonbinary Youth

February 27, 2024

Website Chewonki Foundation

Dates: June 1 – August 13, 2024

Reports to: Associate Director

Direct Reports: Age Group Coordinators


Starting salary: $7,000, plus opportunities for bonuses with experience and certifications. Bring a friend and receive a bonus for that, too!

You can earn academic internship credit for this position! Our camp fosters an excellent work experience and fulfills most school’s internship requirements. We will build out a set of individualized learning objectives and specific goals for you to achieve throughout the summer. Our Directors will be happy to tailor these objectives individually to your course or Major of study!

Who we are:

Camp Chewonki is one of Maine’s most prestigious nature-based overnight camp and expedition-based youth leadership program for boys, girls, and non-binary children based on a 400-acre peninsula in mid-coast Maine. Since 1915, Chewonki has been changing the lives of children and staff- including yours! Overnight campers are aged 8-15 and spend 10 days or 3 weeks at camp. The overnight camp program focuses on building cabin community, building social emotional skills and knowledge in a core curriculum (including natural history, farm sciences, watercraft, the arts, and more!) and learning about backcountry travel on multi-day remote cabin trips.

Who you are:

The Campus Heads directly manage the Age Group Coordinators (3) and provide guidance and support to all cabin staff. The Campus Heads strive to personally know as many campers as possible and work as the primary liaison on the Director Team to manage camper needs. The Campus Head expected to support the growth and development of all cabin counselors/Age Group Coordinator staff in attaining their personal best as an educator, caretaker, and employee.

What you’ll do

Supervise and manage Age Group Coordinators including;
Conducting regular check-ins and providing guidance and support as needed.
Complete and deliver formal evaluations of Age Group Coordinators.
Act as the next level of intervention for staff and camper issues.
Support camper experience through building relationships with campers, providing behavior intervention and conflict resolution, as needed.
Communicate with camper families as needed.
Manage period off schedules and coverage liaising with the Generalist Coordinator to schedule Generalist support.
Act as Camp Leadership during Director time off, provide operational support as needed.
Maintain essential duties as member of the Camp Leadership team:
Meet with other Coordinator Team members and Director team to discuss and address camp concerns.
Participate in Leader of the Day (LoD) rotation to ensure camp schedule runs smoothly.
Coordinate with Mental Health staff to ensure camper needs are met.
Hold responsibility for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of participants; this includes:
Develop healthy and appropriate relationships with participants.
Assist cabin counselors with a daily check-in process for participants needing additional support.
Provide direct supervision of participants as assigned.
Instill joy and enthusiasm into the daily life of camp.
Community Responsibilities
Work to honor and uphold the principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and a lens of anti-racism in the best interest of participants, constituents, and staff across the organization.
A willingness to work as a team member among the Camp Program and the greater Chewonki community.
Work on the Chewonki campus and share meals with the community
Contribute to and collaborate with the Chewonki community through committees and foundation wide events.
Share the collective responsibility within risk management (physical, behavioral, institutional, etc.) by:
Using sound judgment
Operating within your skill set and Chewonki protocols
Responding to and/ or alerting the appropriate person(s) when you see something that may compromise safety
Fulfill all other duties as assigned.

Qualifications and Requirements

At least 21 years old.
Must complete fingerprinting requirements/pass criminal background check.
This position is eligible for a stipend for driving responsibilities if the following qualifications are met:
Valid driver’s license and driving record approved by Chewonki’s Insurance Carrier, must attend Driver’s Training.
Attend required onboarding and training sessions.
Experience working in camp, or similar educational spaces.
Experience supervising or managing others.
Experience with conflict resolution, preferred.
Wilderness First Aid strongly preferred (certification offered by Chewonki)
Must be able to lift up to 30 lb at a time.
Must be able to work in an active, outdoor environment in a variety of weather conditions.
Able to participate in games, sports, and physical activities including water-based games and activities.
Able to maintain attention and a high level of energy or excitement for extended periods of time.

Additional Comments/Information:


Suggested Experience:


Company: Chewonki Foundation

Location: Wiscasset, Maine

ACA Accredited: Yes

Time Frame: Seasonal

Type of Position: Director

Day or Night: Overnight

Salary: $Starting Salary: $7,000

Application Deadline: 04/30/2024

To apply for this job please visit

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