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Pre-summer Check-in with CampBrain – Have you tested your queries?

June 12, 2023

Camp is a communal activity. It takes the support and participation of campers, families, staff, and vendors to ensure each summer brings quality camp experiences throughout New England.

For decades, CampBrain has provided software solutions for camps, and throughout the past year, CampBrain has been a Supporting Partner of ACA, New England. However, CampBrain isn’t a faceless entity that simply crunches data and spits it back out. CampBrain is a team of wonderful people who find pride in making sure you love your software.

We caught up with one integral member of the CampBrain team, Alison Schmidt, to hear her story, learn about what makes CampBrain special, and ultimately share some tips and reminders for what camps can and should be doing now to make their summers run smoothly.

Thank you again to the CampBrain team for their support of ACA, New England and all things Camp.


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