maine summer camps

Maine Summer Camps is the recipient of  a “Pump Handle” Award by the Maine Centers for Disease Control at their annual Infectious Disease Conference in November.  The award is named in memory of Dr. John Snow the “Father of Epidemiology” who stopped the spread of cholera in London in 1854 by removing the public pump handle to the contaminated water supply.

The award is given to people and organizations outside of the Maine CDC who have made important contributions to help reduce the impact of infectious diseases in Maine.  CDC cites Maine Summer Camps as being a cooperative partner in helping to supply camps with information about current infectious disease concerns, immunization recommendations, and for working closely with the state during the H1N1 outbreak several years ago.  This award was in recognition of MSC’s strong partnership and collaboration with the Maine CDC over many years. 

In giving the award, Dr. Stephen Sears, State Epidemiologist of CDC stated,  “Camps provide opportunities for so many children in Maine and beyond. When outbreaks of infectious diseases  occurred in summer camps, you were there with us.  Your members worked with us to contain illness and minimize any further transmission. Before every camp season you helped the CDC provide information and guidance to your members.”