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Longtime ACA, New England friend and supporter wins Myra Kraft Community MVP Award

August 20, 2021

Wildflower Founder Cyndi Jones Wins Myra Kraft Community MVP Award for Work Supporting Bereaved Children 

Cyndi Jones, founder of Lexington-based Wildflower, Inc, was recognized this week by the New England Patriots Foundation with a Myra Kraft Community MVP Award.

Cyndi founded Wildflower after she suddenly became a widow as a young mother of three children. The nonprofit has a unique approach to helping children rediscover life after the loss of a parent, through the gifts of summer camp, enriching experiences, and long-term support for the whole family up to the college years.

“On behalf of the children and families we serve, I am thrilled to see Cyndi’s work recognized. Her vision and persistence, borne of her own experience of loss, are truly inspiring,” said Audrey Loria, Executive Director of Wildflower. “Because of her, Wildflower has become a trusted resource for grieving families in the Greater Boston area.”

The loss of a parent affects 1 of 20 children under the age of 15, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that at least another 46,000 American children have experienced the death of a parent due to COVID.

“The camp experience of carefree summer days, and a break from a life in turmoil, is an invaluable and transformative experience,” said Cyndi Jones. “It facilitates the healing process, paving the way to long-term possibilities for children that may otherwise be lost. Surviving parents benefit as well, with time to heal and focus on self-care and professional development, as they rebuild their lives.”

The Myra Kraft Community MVP Awards are presented annually by the New England Patriots Foundation to Boston-area volunteers in recognition of outstanding community service.

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