Press Release: Camp Kindness Day to Be Celebrated by US Camps on July 24, 2018


The American Camp Association® (ACA), in partnership with KindnessEvolution, is proud to announce Camp Kindness Day, a special day celebrating the practice of intentional kindness that already happens daily each summer at camps.  

On Tuesday, July 24, camps across the country will incorporate themes of kindness into their programming, underscoring the important work summer camps do to teach kindness and empathy to children, impacting their lives long after summer camp ends. 

Some of the activities camps will do to recognize Camp Kindness Day include camper and staff appreciation events, programming around kindness, letters of appreciation to people at camp, as well as community volunteerism for the homeless, hospitalized, and members of the military.

The American Camp Association and KindnessEvolution are taking a stand for a positive shift in our nation. Focusing on our youth and young adults, Camp Kindness Day will showcase the commitment of the camp community to foster the core values of kindness, compassion, generosity, and care.  Follow what camps will be doing for this special day on social media #CampKindnessDay.

For more information:
Jonathon House
Communications Manager
American Camp Association, New England
80 Westview Street, Lexington, MA  02421