2019 Award Recipients Honored at New England Camp Conference


Each year, the American Camp Association, New England awards multiple awards to well-deserving volunteers who make our community a better place. 2019 award recipients were honored at the New England Camp Conference March 28-30, 2019 in Manchester, New Hampshire. 

To learn more about these awards or to nominate an individual for 2020, please contact Executive Director, Bette Bussel at bette@acanewengland.org.

Presidential Honor

On rare occasions a member of our community exceeds our expectations in his/her commitment to the organization. This award represents a unique opportunity to recognize an individual whose work for the benefit of camping and ACA, New England has had a profound impact. This award honors a member who has dedicated the majority of his/her life or career to the camping industry. 

We congratulate Jean McMullan of Alford Lake Camp for being honored with this award. 

Community Honor Award

This award is given for outstanding contributions to organized camping or to ACA, New England. It is presented to individuals, groups or organizations that may or may not be members of ACA to recognize their support of quality camp experiences.

We congratulate Kristine Millard, and The Redwoods Group for being honored with this award.

Kristine Millard is an individual that is passionate about Camp and is deeply committed to the subject of emotional wellness, and has seen how camp can foster whole and healthy children. Utilizing her skills as a writer, she has supported and promoted the benefits of camp through her blogs (which she shares with ACA/NE and ACA National at no cost) and her articles. These blogs and articles along with being interesting reading serve as important resources to camp parents, camp staff, directors and camp owners as they navigate the camp world and all it has to offer.

The Redwoods Group, in addition to sponsoring our conference, exists to create safe communities for all — with a specific focus on preventing drownings and child sexual abuse. As part of this purpose, Redwoods has a long track record of supporting the Camp movement with such things as conference sponsorship and educational presentations. And Redwoods keeps themselves current in camping as they find much of their staff come from a camp or youth-serving background.

In addition to the support that Redwoods lends to camping conferences they most recently provided significant support for ACA's Research360 initiative - a 5 year longitudinal study aimed at quantifying the on-going impact of camp on the lives of young people. 

Peter Kerns Award for the Advancement of Professional Development

This award is given to an individual, group or organization that has shown extraordinary commitment to the development of camp professionals. This award celebrates the life of Peter Kerns who inspired and challenged us to continually enhance the camp experience for all.

We congratulate New Camp Directors Workshop instructors - past, present, and future for being honored with this award.

George Marcus Award for Standards Education

Given to a Standards Volunteer who exemplifies their role as the face of ACA, New England and the ACA Accreditation process.

We congratulate Scott Malm of Migis Lodge for being honored with this award.

Scott Malm has been an ACA member since 1993 and quickly began his commitment to standards by becoming a visitor in 1994. In 2000 he increased his commitment to the standards program by becoming an instructor as well as a visitor. In addition to the time and talents that he gave to doing visits and training others so that they were ready to do visits, he served on the standards committee from 2001 to 2018, including a time as committee chair. 

Like George Marcus, Scott is an encyclopedia of standards knowledge. But more than that, he is an excellent coach who is always there to make sure that everyone else also has the same knowledge and understanding of the process as he has. Instead of using his knowledge to just answer your question he uses his classic line, “let’s see if we can find this together”. I am sure there are many in this group both visitors and accredited camp people, who owe their knowledge and understanding of the standards to Scott’s empowering teaching style. 

Leadership and Service Award

These awards are an opportunity to recognize and celebrate individuals, groups, or organizations for their significant contributions to ACA, New England in leadership roles or in service to ACA and the New England camp community.

We congratulate Steve Fisch of Amerasport Inc., Danita Ballantyne of YMCA Camp Watchaug, and Liz Young of North Woods and Pleasant Valley for being honored with this award.

Steve Fisch is a family man and a believer in community. Over the years, family members have been involved in his business. His employees are his family and we in the camp community are his family. He is being honored for his many contributions to ACA, New England. Steve has served on several committees. He has been a vendor in the Conference expo hall for as long as can be remembered, and he has been a very generous donor.

Liz Young is a true leader in ACA, New England volunteer community and role model for service to the association. Not only has Liz served in countless volunteer leadership roles, she also is mentor to many, a cheerleader for the value and benefit of camp, and, if you ask her for help she will move mountains to say yes. Liz has been a vice-president, board member, and a visitor, and she has served on numerous committees.

Jean McMullen Kristine Millard
The Redwoods Group (Katie Johnson) NCDW Instructors
Scott Malm Steve Fisch
Danita Ballantyne Liz Young