2017 Economic Impact Study


This past winter, ACA New England, ACA New York New Jersey and ACA National once again partnered to conduct an updated 2017 Economic Impact Study of ACA and non-ACA camps in the Northeastern US.     

This study, in compelling fashion, continues to tell the very important story of what camps add to the economics of each of the states involved, from Pennsylvania all the way up to Maine.

The results would not have been possible without the support you provided to this research by completing the surveys we sent you. Thank you.

Earlier today, we sent a press release out on PR Newswire to the Northeast Media sharing the results. In addition, regional media releases are going out to each state where data was collected.

It is exciting for us to reveal that summer camps have a direct impact on the Northeast of $3.2 billion. The economic impact comes from three major sources:             

View the Release                              View the Executive Summary

Thank you again for supporting this exciting research initiative. Should you hear from any media please refer them to our office.

Remember, if you need any assistance please contact our office at (781) 541-6080.

I hope you have a terrific camp season!

Bette Bussel
Executive Director
ACA New England