Waterfront Director - Camp Favorite/Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts


Job Description

Purpose: Responsible for organizing, implementing, and managing water-based programming at camp. Organizes, plans, schedules, and manages all waterfront activities (except sailing where applicable). Prepares, manages and evaluates a waterfront curriculum that is progressive, skill based, and includes water-based, land-based, and inclement weather activities for all levels and ages. Maintains good public relations and healthy communication with campers, their parents, fellow staff, and the community, in person and online. Participates in pre-camp training, and assists in the opening and closing of camp. Maintains accurate, up to date records; submits reports and evaluations on time as requested. Actively participates in administrative responsibilities, decision-making, and support services as a member of the camp administration team. Supervises, supports, schedules, and evaluates waterfront counselors. Works with Camp Director, and other administrative staff to effectively schedule, coordinate, and supervise programs related to the waterfront. Facilitates in-service training and instruction to waterfront staff throughout the summer. Ensures that waterfront safety is enforced for anyone on the waterfront or in the water at camp. Cares for and repairs waterfront equipment such as lifesaving equipment, canoes, windsurfing equipment (where applicable), kayaks, and other waterfront related items. Makes recommendations for professional repairs beyond skill level. Reports any maintenance needs in a timely manner. Teaches swimming, canoeing, windsurfing, boating, and diving classes for campers. All other duties as assigned

Apply by: June 17 2017


Camp/Organization: Camp Favorite/Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts (ACA Accredited)

Location: Brewster, MA

Type of Position: Program Head

Time Frame: Seasonal

Salary: $2400


  • Familiar with Girl Scout program. 
  • Ability to work within the camp environment. 
  • Acceptance of all people and ability to work with girls and adults of various races, religions, and national origins. 
  • Holds current First Aid and CPR certifications from an accepted provider. 
  • Holds current Lifeguarding certification from an accepted provider. 
  • Experience teaching swimming, canoeing, and kayaking to children and teenagers. 
  • Experience and desire to work with children ages 7-17. 
  • Ability to supervise peers, high school and/or college students. 
  • At least 21 years of age by June. 
  • Holds Water Safety Instructor certification from an accepted provider (highly desired).


Prior experience teaching swimming, kayaking, and canoeing to children and teenagers preferred.


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Molly Clark

<p>208 Crowells Bog Road<br />Brewster MA 02631&#160;</p>