Summer Camp Staff - Steve and Kate's Camp


Job Description

We’re NOT looking for summer camp counselors. We’re looking for YOU. Who are you? You’re a role model, a facilitator, a guide, a co-learner, a safe haven, a resource, an accomplice (aka “side-kick”), a connector, a big kid, and more. Most importantly, you are someone who is interested in helping children learn in their own ways, on their own terms.

KinderCamp Staff: Do you believe a 4-year-old is capable of baking an artisanal loaf of bread? Do you think a kindergartener’s dress design may very well make it to the runway for Paris Fashion Week? And most importantly, are you not afraid to put on accents, make silly faces, or break out in song, all in the name of solidarity?

Filmmaker-in-Residence: You will be on set for an approximate 9-week shoot, producing, directing, and maybe even co-starring in videos destined for viral greatness… at least, in the homes of our campers. You are not limited by format or genre. Comedy, action, documentary — you do it all. You have an eye for catching the film-worthy moments of everyday life and want to help inspire our future filmmakers (aka our campers).

Operations Staff: Have the the brawn and brains to safely transport, set-up, operate, and tear-down outrageous pieces of play equipment? Think zip-lines, laser tag, inflatable hamster wheels, and go-carts. While there is a lot of fun and games involved, this job is not mere child’s play. You’ll use your muscles enough to warrant a cancellation of your gym membership, and your mind will stay so sharp that you’ll say no to Sudoku.

HQ Staff: A fast-paced customer-service and administrative bobsled ride, with breaks for applying Band-Aids to campers. Strip those visions of cubicles from your mind as this is not your typical office job – you have to be a great communicator (even in the face of distractions), skilled multi-tasker, and have the talent of relating well to both adults and children. Don’t expect to sit at a desk bored all day. In fact, don’t expect to sit much at all.

Camp Cook: Quickest way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach. Touch campers’ and counselors’ hearts this summer as you fill their bellies with food designed by Nate Keller, former Executive Chef at Google.

Substitute Staff: Not available every week of the summer camp session? Join us as a Sub!

Apply by: June 13 2015


Camp/Organization: Steve and Kate's Camp

Location: United States

Type of Position: General Staff

Time Frame: Seasonal

Salary: Hourly, commensurate with experience


  • Have reliable transportation to get to camp, trainings, and campers’ imaginary kingdoms. 
  • Be able to bench press a 5 year-old and physically move (and think) quickly to respond to any situation. 
  • Background check required.


  • Be a firm believer in our philosophy and approach and have the confidence to make decisions aligned with our values. 
  • Build strong relationships with parents, campers, and staff. 
  • Problem-solve and take initiative. And know when to ask for help. 
  • Be flexible and open to new perspectives and passionate about learning.


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