Summer Camp Nurse - Charles River Creative Arts Program


Job Description

Position Purpose: The nurse is responsible for assisting in providing health and safety services to campers and staff.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Under the direction of the Health Care Manager, assist in providing health care and first aid services to meet the needs of camp staff and campers. 
  • Assist with daily medication management. 
  • Help supervise and care for people admitted to the Health Center for care. 
  • Provide CPR and First Aid coverage as needed at designated times and locations. 
  • Provide direct care to staff within the scope of their skills, the camp’s health care manual, and treatment procedures. 
  • Monitor and assist in maintaining health and safety practices while working in other areas throughout camp. Work with other staff to minimize/eliminate health and safety risks. 
  • Relationships:
    First Aid positions are often linked to activity areas in addition to them being apart of the health care staff.
    First aid staff often have the added role of ensuring safety in the high risk areas of camp.

Apply by: June 26 2015


Camp/Organization: Charles River Creative Arts Program

Location: Dover, MA

Type of Position: Health Staff

Time Frame: Seasonal


Qualifications: (Minimum Education and Experience)

  • State Registered Nursing Licensure 
  • Current first aid certification. Advanced levels may be required depending on the camp's location and distance from emergency services as well as other medical personnel available on site. 
  • Current CPR certification. 
  • Experience in first aid and emergency management services.


Aaron Gelb

<p>PO Box 3396 6 Old Meadow Road<br />Dover, Massachusetts 02030</p>