Job Description

1. Responsible for planning, directing and supervising the camp kitchen and meals.
2. Supervise and coordinate duties of the assistant cook and all kitchen personnel.
3. Be familiar with and maintain the dining hall according to all current health department, ACA and safe food handling laws, standards and regulations.
4. Plan menus.
5. Supervise preparation of food.
6. Estimate needs, order, receive and store all food and supplies.
7. Work with H & H Purchasing Service for food and supplies


**The specific time frame of this position will be from Memorial Day Weekend (May 26, 2017) through Labor Day Weekend (September 4, 2017). Send resume to the contact email address listed below.

Apply by: June 12 2017


Camp/Organization: Camp Marist (ACA Accredited)

Location: Effingham, NH

Type of Position: Kitchen Staff

Time Frame: Seasonal

Salary: Negotiated with Executive Director.


1. Knowledge of standards of food preparation, serving and kitchen procedures.
2. Experience in purchasing large quantities of food and supplies.
3. Able to pass a background check.
4. Able to provide three professional references.
5. ServSafe Certification


The ideal candidate would have:  
1. Prior camp experience in food preparation and ordering/purchasing for large groups. 
2. Supervisory skills. 
3. Ability to relate and work well with others.


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Joe Bouchard

<p>Camp Marist<br />22 Abel Blvd<br />Effingham, New Hampshire 03882<br /><br /></p>