Summer Camp Director/Instructor for Virtual and In-Person STEM Camps - Empow Studios


Job Description

As a Summer Camp Director/Instructor, you will both teach and lead. In each week-long day-camp session, you will lead a team of fellow instructors to inspire and educate youth to create projects using today’s latest computer technologies. Through project-based learning, campers will increase their skills in coding/programming, video game design, robotics, 3D design, stop-motion/digital animation, and other technological adventures. In between projects, you will engage campers with games, outdoor play, and other fun activities to reinforce learning and create a positive environment for all. The ideal candidate will have experience with youth mentoring/education and a passion for STEM. This is a great opportunity for a flexible team player with a positive attitude, and engaging communication and teaching skills.

Apply by: July 3 2020


Camp/Organization: Empow Studios

Location: Day Camp Locations across Massachusetts and Online: Lexington, Newton, Acton, Arlington, Belmont, Boston, Jamaica Plain, Brookline, Cambridge, Cape Cod, Franklin, Milton/Quincy, Natick, Needham/Wellesley, Shrewsbury, Somerville and Online/Virtual Camps.

Type of Position: Director

Time Frame: Seasonal

Salary: This is a temporary hourly position with a max of 40 hours each camp-week for which you are scheduled. $18-25/hr based on experience.


  • Must be 21+ years of age 
  • Must be able to start online training in June 
  • Must have reliable transportation to get to the location 
  • Must hold a bachelor’s degree or advanced specialty training 
  • Must have a minimum of 4 weeks worth of camp or teaching experience 
  • Must be willing to complete a course in camping administration, already have an advanced degree (masters+) in educational leadership; or have worked 2+ seasons as a camp director or as part of another camp’s leadership team. 
  • Must be willing to become certified in first-aid/CPR and complete necessary healthcare supervisory training


  • Experience as a classroom teacher, camp director, assistant camp director, or a similar position 
  • Demonstrated ability to build trust and personal accountability amongst a team 
  • Commitment to complying to all Massachusetts guidelines for youth care, including student:teacher ratios, reporting, paperwork requirements, and the dispensing of medications as needed 
  • Demonstrated ability to positively impact youth and address the varied needs of students in a physical or virtual setting 
  • Experience in one or more subject matter areas: 3D design, music production, stop motion and digital animation, robotics, coding languages (Java, Python and/or Scratch), Minecraft (redstone, command blocks, pixel art), AR/VR languages (Unity & C#) 
  • Possession of a learner mindset; a willingness to learn new technologies and teaching techniques; and a positive "I care" attitude, including the ability to maintain enthusiasm in the face of challenges 
  • Engaging communication skills, including the ability to hold students attention while discussing subject matter, and willingness to engage parents/guardians as partners in the camp experience 
  • Demonstrated ability to be a flexible team player 
  • Experience in customer service 
  • Strong commitment to Empow Studios’ mission


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Teddy Murphy

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