Summer Camp Counselor - Windsor Mountain International Summer Camp


Job Description

Yes, we are open and running this summer!

You could be stuck at home with not much to do, or you could be in the beautiful woods of New Hampshire at summer camp!

Few jobs can better prepare you for life than being a summer camp counselor.

Want to hone your communication skills? You will when you’re comforting a homesick camper, or teaching them how to clean up after themselves.

What can teach leadership better than being a role model for a group of children? How better to learn creativity than putting on a silly costume and leading campers on an imaginary adventure?

What could be more fun?

You can develop these skills, work with incredible children, and make lifelong friendships and memories at Windsor Mountain this summer.

Windsor Mountain is a warm, diverse, and accepting community that inspires people to lead positive, compassionate, and fulfilled lives. Our staff are kind, eclectic, and fun individuals. If you want to make a difference in the world, improve a child’s life, and experience radical personal growth, this is probably the job for you.

About the Job

Our counselors have two main responsibilities: they live in a bunk with campers, taking care of their needs and planning special events. They also lead activities and teach classes during the day, helping campers build skills and have fun.

In addition to being a kind and caring person, a good applicant should have a relevant skill to share with campers. We’re looking for people to lead activities like swimming, sports, arts, music, cooking, performing arts, videography, climbing and belaying, farming and gardening, ELL, and wilderness tripping.

We can make this opportunity into a paid internship for you if you’d like, just reach out and ask us how!

Please reach out with any questions, we would love to hear from you.

Apply by: August 16 2020


Camp/Organization: Windsor Mountain International Summer Camp (ACA Accredited)

Location: Windsor, NH

Type of Position: General Staff

Time Frame: Seasonal


Required arrival by June 26 for staff orientation. Camp ends on August 16th.


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Curtis Hines

<p>1 World Way <br />Windsor, New Hampshire 03244</p>