HOLA Camp Counselor - Hale Outdoor Learning Adventure


Job Description

To identify and meet camper’ needs

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Interact with children in a warm and positive manner demonstrating interest, friendship and concern freely and frequently. 
  2. Learn likes and dislikes of each camper. 
  3. Recognize and respond to opportunities for problem-solving in the group; modeling and facilitating positive conflict resolution. 
  4. Develop opportunities for interaction between campers and staff. 
  5. Provide opportunities for the group so that each individual experiences success during camp. 
  6. Help each camper meet goals established by HOLA for camper development as well as the individuals’ goals for personal development.

To carry out daily components of camp programs

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Serve as a group leader and guide the group and individual campers towards successful participation in all aspects of camp activities. 
  2. Following the schedule, supervise all assigned aspects of the group’s day including: opening circle and closing wrap up, group time, program activities, lunch and rest, arrival and dismissal procedures, and cleanup.
  3. Assist and instruct campers in emergency procedures. 
  4. Alert supervisor of any special medical conditions of one’s campers.
  5. Assist program staff at program area sites by participating in activities and attending to camper issues (as appropriate). 
  6. Serve as assistant group leader for secondary group.
  7. Participate in and help campers plan their participation in special camp programs: Friday events, family picnics, lunch cookouts, overnights, overdays, and special events. 
  8. Foster opportunities for community building within unit group and the larger camp community.

To fulfill personal conduct expectations and other staff duties

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Arrive and prepare for camper arrival by 8:00 AM. 
  2. Prepare for and actively participate in staff training, meetings and supervisory conferences. 
  3. Lead by example for campers and others including cleanliness, punctuality, sharing cleanup and chores and sportsmanship. 
  4. Enforce camp health and safety policies and procedures as outlined in manual.
  5. Follow camp rules and regulations pertaining to smoking, use of alcohol and drugs.
  6. Encourage respect of personal property, camp equipment and facilities. 
  7. Work with other staff to write, disseminate and submit all required reports (camper reports, special activities, evaluations) on time. 
  8. Maintain excellent public relations with campers’ parents and guardians. 
  9. Assist in the overall operation and administration of HOLA within established policies and traditions.
  10. Inspect and clean your designated facility area on a daily schedule and report any unsafe conditions or equipment to the supervisor. 
  11. These are not the only duties to be performed. Some duties may be reassigned and other duties assigned as required.

Apply by: April 29 2017


Camp/Organization: Hale Outdoor Learning Adventure

Location: 80 Carby Street Westwood MA, 02090

Type of Position: Director

Time Frame: Seasonal


  • High school student, at least 16 years of age or have completed their sophomore year 
  • Desire and ability to work with children and adults in a camp setting
  • Ability to accept supervision and guidance
  • Ability to assist in teaching activities 
  • Good character, integrity and adaptability 
  • Enthusiasm, sense of humor, patience and self-control


Patrick Francois

<p>80 Carby St <br />Westwood, Massachusetts 02090</p>

617-326-1170 ex:14