Head of Equestrian Program - Camp Wa-Klo for Girls


Job Description

Camp Wa-Klo is an all girls, summer camp located in the beautiful southwest region of New Hampshire. “Our little corner of the World” provides a special summer home for girls with a warm, nurturing, and inviting family feel.

We are looking for a candidate who is hard-working, trustworthy, an excellent team leader and has the following skills:

  • Basic equine management knowledge. An ability to recognize and treat (on a basic level) colic, laminitis, hoof abscesses, minor cuts, and abrasions, treat minor skin conditions, identify lameness and be aware of general signs of ill health and discomfort.
  •  Be able to manage a feeding regime for up to thirteen horses and ponies with a variety of dietary needs. Stay on top of keeping the horses in top condition, whilst managing their behaviour.
  • Have a good knowledge of equine behaviour, both in the herd, stable and under saddle. The candidate must be able to identify the cause of a range of behaviours and then offer workable solutions to manage them going forwards.
  • Ride to a high standard on a variety of horses and ponies. Be capable of schooling young or green horses and advising as to their suitability to be ridden in a range of lessons. The candidate must be capable of matching horse and rider combinations and managing each horse's workload to ensure it's workload is appropriate, has variety and makes it suitable for each rider assigned to it. 
  • Be capable of managing up to five staff. Ensuring staff morale is high and keeping the team working together productively. Addressing staff issues and concerns as they arise professionally and effectively. Ensuring teaching standards remain high and providing assistance to any staff that need to raise their skills.

 The candidate will report to our Riding Supervisor and must keep excellent records on veterinary issues, equine behavioural or veterinary problems, staff issues and any rider falls. Photos and condition reports must be done weekly on each horse to ensure that they return to our supplier in the best condition possible.

Please be aware that this is a camp riding program. We are proud to operate to a high standard and have a selection of horses and ponies who do an invaluable job for us, although they are not fancy and, like the majority of our riders, don't want to go out and compete. This is a safe, fun program, run on a sensible budget, so the candidate must be capable of running a program within these parameters.

Apply by: March 15 2020


Camp/Organization: Camp Wa-Klo for Girls (ACA Accredited)

Location: Dublin, NH

Type of Position: Program Head

Time Frame: Seasonal

Salary: Competitive


Gabby Jarvis

<p>435 page road <br />Dublin, New Hampshire 03444</p>