COMPUTER CAMP SUPERVISOR - Brooks School Summer Programs


Job Description

Position is responsible for leading daily operation and administration of Brook School Computer Camp through the supervising of staff, creating a safe environment, monitoring curriculum, and other duties associated with the successful operation of the program.

Essential Duties:

  • Assists in the training of the Computer Camp staff.
  • Establishes staff and student schedules and staff assignments to meet program needs.
  • Responsible for developing and ensuring the Computer Camp employee handbook is updated and accurate.
  • Works collaboratively with Director of Auxiliary Programs to develop a STEM-based curriculum.
  • Monitors attendance and approves all assigned staff time cards and time off requests.
  • Facilitates the development, communication, implementation and evaluation of a shared vision of teaching and learning that leads to student engagement.
  • Develops, advocates and sustains an academically rigorous, positive, and safe climate for all stakeholders.
  • Keeps appropriate records to include attendance and other record keeping activities as necessary.
  • Manages human resources effectively by assisting with selection and induction, and by supporting, evaluating and retaining quality instructional personnel.
  • Supports, manages and oversees the Computer Camp organization, operation, and use of resources.
  • Communicates and collaborates effectively with students, parents, and summer programs staff.
  • Exercises leadership that results in measurable student academic progress based on established standards.
  • Monitors curriculum implementation and classroom-based instruction.
  • Supports the Summer Programs office with development of marketing, policies, budget and personnel pertaining to the Brooks School Computer Camp.
  • Available to parents during the registration process for questions regarding program and course offerings.
  • Formally complete a mid-season and end of season staff evaluation with each staff supervised staff member.
  • Provides an appropriate administrator with periodic updates.
  • Works with an appropriate administrator to analyze data relative to student engagement, enrollment and attendance and aligns program activities accordingly.
  • Attends and actively participates in leadership team meetings in the off-season and during summer to assist with staffing, planning, or overall program development as requested.
  • Serves as a liaison between the Summer Programs office and Computer Camp staff.
  • Monitors and forecasts expenses through the creation of a program budget.
  • Handles all petty cash requests.
  • Models nondiscriminatory practices in all activities.

Apply by: February 19 2017


Camp/Organization: Brooks School Summer Programs (ACA Accredited)

Location: North Andover, MA

Type of Position: Program Head

Time Frame: Seasonal


The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodation may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential functions. Must have the ability to sit and stand for extended periods of time; exhibit manual dexterity to dial a telephone, to enter data into a computer, and to perform; see and read a computer screen and printed material with or without vision aids; hear and understand speech at normal classroom levels, outdoors and on the telephone; speak in audible tones so that others may understand clearly in normal camp settings, outdoors and on the telephone; physical agility to lift up to 25 pounds; and to bend, to stoop, to sit on the floor, to climb stairs, to walk and to reach overhead.

Additional Information

Benefits: •Salaried compensation for 7 weeks. (6 weeks in session and 40 hours of pre-season training and preparation.) •Professional Development reimbursed upon approval. •Brooks School Summer Programs Staff may redeem up to 16 weeks of tuition free camp for their dependents (ages 4-18).


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