Challenge Course Director - The Barton Center: Clara Barton Camp


Job Description

General Responsibilities:

To conduct and oversee the daily planning, facilitation, supervision and maintenance of all aspects of the camp’s low and high elements Challenge Courses.

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Adhere to The Barton Center Challenge Course Policies and Procedures Manual, and ensure that all staff and participants adhere to The Barton Center’s Ropes Course Policies. 
  2. Conduct and oversee the writing of program outlines age specific to participant group needs. 
  3. Conduct and oversee the daily operation of the low and/or high ropes course:
     Set up and take down.
     Conduct visual inspection of course, environment, and all equipment and gear.
     Select appropriate activities.
     Teach and monitor proper and safe use of equipment.
     Supervise participants and staff during all activities.
     Implement risk management.
     Ensure adequate staff to participant ratios. 
  4. Implement site specific emergency action plan if necessary. 
  5. Keep Camp Director informed of any maintenance, equipment or supplies needs as well as staff issues or concerns, including any and all misconduct. 
  6. Attend and assume a leadership role at all camp training, activities, special events and parent/camper information meetings, as requested. 
  7. Perform any and all other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Camp Director.

Apply by: March 29 2016


Camp/Organization: The Barton Center: Clara Barton Camp (ACA Accredited)

Location: North Oxford, MA

Type of Position: Specialized Activity Leader

Time Frame: Seasonal

Salary: $3000 for summer



  1. 21 years of age required. 
  2. Must have documented challenge course training and experience. 
  3. Must have current CPR and First Aid certification. 
  4. Ability to coordinate a Challenge Course Program on a ropes course designed for use at a camp. 
  5. Ability to oversee the daily maintenance of the course. 
  6. Ability to adapt program to participant’s needs, and ability to work effectively with campers and to place their needs above personal desires. 
  7. Ability and experience in supervising staff and campers, and generating a positive and safe ropes course environment. Ability to act in a leadership capacity, as well as accept supervision and guidance. 
  8. Be a positive role model for staff and campers. 
  9. Sound character, integrity, and ability to adapt to a camp setting.


The Challenge Course Director will be knowledgeable of and will meet or exceed all of the competencies listed in the ACCT Challenge Course Standards under the heading of “Challenge Course Facilitator (CCF) Competencies.”

Additional Information

Job Dates: June 13th to Aug 19th 2016 Reporting Authority: Clara Barton Camp Director


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Ken Follette

<p>30 Ennis Road <br />North Oxford, MA, Massachusetts 01537</p>

508.987.2056 x 2001