Job Description

Staff Orientation: June 18 – 25
Session One (Middle East, South Asia, American/UK Delegations): June 25 – July 16
Intersession: July 16 – July 19
Re-orientation: July 20 – July 23
Session Two (US Program): July 23 – August 9

Seeds of Peace brings together young leaders from communities in conflict each summer at our Camp in Maine. As a counselor at this Camp, you will work as a mentor and role model to supervise and engage with young people as they embark on a challenging dialogue and leadership development program. You will lead different sports, waterfront, Group Challenge, or arts activities, live in a bunk with eight to 10 teenagers, and preside over lively meal tables every day.

However, these duties are only secondary to your most important responsibility at Camp: to become a mentor, role model, and support to intelligent, energetic and passionate teenagers from around the world. As the campers balance the excitement of Camp with the challenges of addressing their regional and community conflicts, they look to their counselors for support, mentorship, and encouragement.

The uniqueness of Seeds of Peace requires counselors to create a safe and comforting environment while encouraging and challenging the campers to address their personal and political beliefs and issues with their conflicts. Serving as a counselor at Seeds of Peace demands far more commitment, energy, and emotion than any other camp, but it is these demands that produce rewarding relationships and positive transformations.

Seeds of Peace hires 40-45 counselors each summer, about half of whom are returning staff from previous years. We assemble a unique and talented group of individuals. Counselors must be team players as working together with the other staff is essential for the success of the program. On a daily basis, counselors will supervise life in the bunk, instruct an activity, eat all meals with an assigned table and engage in the other daily programs. Through these activities, the counselors help to create an unparalleled experience and an immersive community.

Each summer, Seeds of Peace runs a week-long staff orientation followed by two three-week sessions. This summer, Seeds of Peace will have one international session, hosting youth from the Middle East, South Asia, United States, and United Kingdom. Campers will have the opportunity to explore competing historical narratives and share their personal experiences and beliefs , confronting prejudices as they tackle the issues that fuel violence, hatred and oppression at home.

Second session is focused on communities here in the United States and will include youth from Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Syracuse, and the State of Maine. This program focuses on building bridges and developing strong relationships between immigrant and refugee students, first generation Americans, and multi-generational Americans of all backgrounds. Campers participate in an identity-based dialogue program that challenges them to explore and reflect upon their various identities, express their story and voice, and better understand the different issues facing their communities.

While each program has its own particular dynamic and set of issues, your job as a counselor does not change, and we expect all new staff to work both sessions, with a multi-day break and (re)orientation in between. Additionally, staff is given time off during each session.

Counselors receive a nominal salary, and all room and board expenses are covered by Seeds of Peace. Applicants are welcome from all over the world, though preference is given to applicants from the different communities we work in. Please note that the hiring process at Seeds of Peace is an extremely competitive one, as we receive hundreds of applications each year and maintain at least a 50 percent returning staff rate.

Apply by: April 20 2020


Camp/Organization: Seeds of Peace (ACA Accredited)

Location: Otisfield, ME

Type of Position: General Staff

Time Frame: Seasonal


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