Ass't Waterfront Director - Hidden Valley Camp


Job Description

Work collaboratively with camp's Waterfront Director at all facilities including heated pool, lakefront and boating areas.

Responsibilities include:

  • Organization and planning of aquatics programming
  • Training and supervision of waterfront staff
  • Teaching and safety as part of daily camp programs
  • Facilities management 
  • Organize and supervise aquatics activities during off-camp trips

Apply by: June 1 2017


Camp/Organization: Hidden Valley Camp (ACA Accredited)

Location: Freedom, Maine

Type of Position: Specialized Activity Leader

Time Frame: Seasonal

Salary: Competitive



  • Red Cross LGT certification or equivalent
  • Demonstrated communication skills
  • Leadership skills and experience 
  • Commitment to ongoing training of new lifequards
  • Supervisory experience in a child-based setting


  • Lifeguard Instructor certified (Camp will help attain this)
  • WSI preferred
  • Pool maintenance experience/certification helpful


Prior experience with children in an instructional or recreational aquatics setting

Additional Information

Hidden Valley Camp is not only rewarding for children and their families; staff thrive here as well. We are well-known for providing an enlivening work environment, superb training and support and great food! This position provides opportunities for advancement.


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Peter Kassen

<p>161Hidden Valley RD <br />Freedom, Maine 04941</p>