Assistant Camp Director - Hale Day Camp


Job Description

Are you looking for a summer job or a life changing experience? Join us at Hale and help make a difference in young adults and campers lives by teaching the next generation of summer camp staff. Must be able to supervise and help train senior staff as well as counselors, display good judgment and organize events. Show good communication and scheduling skills. Experience working with children or groups a must .

To provide direction, supervision, leadership and support for camp program.
To assist in the administration and management of camp operations.
Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Assist in the preparation, implementation and documentation of staff training programs including pre-camp training and ongoing in-service/skill development sessions.
  2. Assist in all opening and closing camp operations. Assist with camp maintenance tasks as needed to ensure health and safety. Regularly monitor program areas to ensure cleanliness and safety.
  3. Assist in the supervisory systems that provide direction, support, feedback, documentation and evaluation.
  4. Supervise the operation of divisions and programs to ensure compliance with all applicable policies, standards, criteria, guidelines and procedures. Regularly observe divisions and activities to ensure informed supervision. Inform Camp Director of observations. 
  5. Supervise leadership staff. Implement and manage a system to guide supervised staff in accomplishing camp goals and objectives. Guide, train and support supervised staff in all areas of their work. 
  6. Demonstrate responsible judgment in all aspects of job responsibilities and personal behavior. Actively contribute to systems that provide camper focused program and high levels of staff competence, morale, teamwork, and work satisfaction. 
  7. Assist in the coordination and monitoring of personnel placement, work assignments, and program/staffing schedules to ensure established staff camper ratios. Review, approve, modify as needed, and maintain program and staffing schedules.
  8. Review, approve and submit supply requests. Ensure that approved food and division supplies are provided as needed. 
  9. Assist in reviewing incoming camper rosters and camper information; ensure that division directors are fully prepared for each incoming group. 
  10. Review and approve plans for 'Overdays', and cook-outs. Ensure that staff know and understand emergency procedures and safe food handling procedures. 
  11. Observe and monitor mealtime to ensure appropriate supervision and behavior. Guide staff in creating a quiet, get-to-know each other lunch time. Provide ideas for lunch spots and conversations. 
  12. Actively contribute to camp administration as needed to ensure smooth camp operations and the health, safety and security of campers and staff. 
  13. Serve as Camp Director in their absence, assuming all responsibilities of the position. 
  14. Assist in the staff evaluation summaries. Work with Leadership Team to effectively analyze and utilize evaluation results. 
  15. Assist as requested and as required in the preparation of records, documentation and reports. 
  16. Keep Camp Director aware of knowledge, observations and concerns regarding camper satisfaction, staff needs, and personnel issues. 
  17. Assist in organizing and direction of safe, efficient check-in and check-out operations. 
  18. Provide leadership to support our goals and outcomes. 
  19. Provide leadership to support camp operations in a manner consistent with the minimum impact camping ethic. 
  20. Assist in organizing and directing closing camp operations. Submit a management report and an end-of season evaluation on the last day of the season. 
  21. Assist with supervision and implementation of shared systems, including; a) Arrival/Dismissal b) Opening/Closing Circle c) Special Events d) Lost & Found e) Rainy Day Activities f) Staff Recognition & Appreciation 


  1. Ability to fully function in all weather conditions. 
  2. Possess physical and emotional strength and endurance to maintain continuous supervision in an outdoor setting for ten-week period. 
  3. Ability to observe behavior, and assess its appropriateness, enforce needed safety regulations, and apply appropriate behavior and motivational management. 
  4. Visual and auditory ability to respond to critical incidents and ability to direct others in appropriately responding to emergencies. 
  5. Cognitive and communication abilities to relate Hale Day Camp philosophy to planning and conducting program and camp staff training. 
  6. Physical ability to negotiate hilly terrain, dirt roads and dirt and gravel trails. 
  7. Physical ability to respond quickly to situations requiring immediate action. 
  8. Ability to lift and move objects weighing up to 30 pounds several feet.

Apply by: March 12 2016


Camp/Organization: Hale Day Camp (ACA Accredited)

Location: Westwood MA 02090

Type of Position: Director

Time Frame: Seasonal

Salary: $4,500-$5,500 for summer pending experience



  • Minimum age - 21 years old 
  • Desire and ability to work with children and adults in an outdoor camp setting 
  • Previous camp management or related experience - 2 years 
  • Ability to creatively design and schedule activities for staff and campers of all ages 
  • Ability and experience in supervising staff and campers 
  • Good character, integrity and adaptability 
  • Enthusiasm, sense of humor, patience, and self-control


Bachelors degree
Experience working in the outdoors

Additional Information

Interviews will be held in February and March.


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James Reinhold

<p>80 Carby St. <br />Westwood, Massachusetts 02090</p>