Senior Counselor

Senior Counselor

February 8, 2023

Website West End House Camp

Senior Counselor Benefits

Build leadership skills.
Receive training in different camp activities.
Help campers reach their S.P.I.R.I.T goals: Social, Perseverance, Independence, Responsibility, Integrity, Teamwork.

Cabin Responsibilities

Lead a team of counselors that are in charge of a cabin in terms of safety, supervision, and positive interactions.
Active supervision of the overall cleanliness of the cabin and camper hygiene.
Be aware of campers’ health profile (allergies, medications, social-emotional needs).
Work collaboratively with all counselors in your cabin.
Support campers with and resolve any emerging issues.
Interact with campers in the bunk and be a positive role model/mentor.
Help campers organize and keep track of their belongings.

Leadership Responsibilities

Be prepared and enthusiastic while either officiating, coaching, teaching, and or supervising waterfront activities or participating in other activities.
Help ensure a safe and fun experience for all campers during activities and elective times.
Mentor and support all counselors that you work with.
Uphold all camp rules and policies such as “zero tolerance for bullying,” “respect for people and property” and “no electronics in the cabins.”

Additional Comments/Information:

Camp Mission: To provide a safe and caring environment for boys; to help develop high standards of personal character, a sense of belonging and self-esteem; to teach and improve skills; and to have campers interact with proper role models in a culturally diverse setting that will lead to optimal success in adolescence and adulthood. To encourage community service and ongoing affiliation with (and support of) the organization after camping years. Training Week starts June 20th Campers arrive June 25 Last day of camp August 19 Last day of Alumni week August 26 (not mandatory)


Suggested Experience:


Company: West End House Camp

Location: Parsonsfield, ME

ACA Accredited: Yes

Time Frame: Seasonal

Type of Position: General Staff

Day or Night: Overnight

Salary: $Competitive salary between $2300-$3000 based on experience, credentials and references. Waterfront skills (ex.teaching swim, sailing) are preferred, but not mandatory.

Application Deadline:

To apply for this job please visit

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