Health Care Supervisor

Health Care Supervisor

April 6, 2023

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The Health Care Supervisor will be on site daily to oversee the medical needs and the optimal health and safety of campers and staff.

Specific Duties:

Do all that is possible to ensure that the camp season is the safest and healthiest for all members of camp.

Dispense medication to campers as prescribed by their physicians, most often after meals and after cake and milk (8:15ish).

Conduct “sick call” at these times as well, for campers and staff who are not feeling well.

Be available to assess and treat illnesses and injuries during the course of the day as needed.

Be a resource and support for campers and staff alike.

Treat as many situations as possible at camp; decide when a visit to a doctor at the local clinic or a trip to the emergency room at a hospital is needed.

Inform the parent of a camper before he is being seen at the Sacopee Valley Health Center (SVHC) or at a hospital and follow up with the parent upon the camper’s return.
Maintain clear and complete health and medication records.
Follow the standing orders that are provided by the Sacopee Valley Health Center (SVHC).

Maintain an ongoing relationship with Dr. Evan Hack, member of the WEHC Board of Directors and experienced pediatrician.

Follow up with families who have not yet returned to us via the CampDoc system their campers’ medical forms and information so that we will have all that we need.
Review medical info for special alerts and concerns.

Develop a list and communicate with the cooks and staff about food allergies or other dietary concerns.

Alert and train staff who work with campers who have potential epipen and inhaler needs.

In collaboration with the Directors, confer with parents about special health-related problems, issues, or needs of their children.

Be available for and utilize the walkie-talkie system as needed during the course of the day.

Be available at night for assessment or treatment of significant issues that arise.
If there is a camper staying in the Health Center because of a health issue that necessitates this, provide supervision and care as needed.

Make sure we have all the needed supplies in the Health Center, and at the end of the season do an inventory to indicate what will be needed for the next year.
Prepare and maintain first aid kits for various on-site locations and for vehicles for off campus trips.

The Directors will confer with you daily for making decisions on sick or injured campers about participation in activities per their health needs and issues.
When you have an occasional day off, ensure that the covering person has all the information needed to ensure the health and safety of all.

Be a positive, personable, and collaborative part of our leadership team who will have the attitude and approach that we are all in this together to do anything needed to make the season at West End House Camp a success for the campers and for all members of the WEHC community!

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Suggested Experience:


Company: West End House Camp


ACA Accredited: Yes

Time Frame: Year Round

Type of Position: Health Staff

Day or Night: Overnight

Salary: Not Specified

Application Deadline:

To apply for this job please visit

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