Kitchen Crew

Kitchen Crew

May 1, 2023

Website Camp Kabeyun

A summer camp for boys ages 8-15

Kabeyun’s kitchen staff members play an essential role at our camp, which is a  positive and energetic community of 112 campers and 50 staff members

The kitchen staff coordinates all aspects of the camp’s kitchen and dining hall, including food  preparation, service, and general cleaning. Staff members are responsible for helping wash pots, pans,  and dishes and tidying the dining hall after meals. In addition, kitchen staff members help stock the shelves, especially on delivery days.

Additional Comments/Information:

June 17th-August 18th, 2023, with the potential to extend through September 4th, 2023 for our Family Camp program


Candidates must be able to lift, unload, and organize food and  supplies; lift dishes to their storage location; use kitchen equipment safely, and operate the dishwasher. They must also demonstrate a willingness to be adaptable to changing settings and work under the direction of our head chefs.

Suggested Experience:

Experience working as part of a team in a kitchen/food service setting is preferred but not required.


Company: Camp Kabeyun

Location: Alton Bay, NH

ACA Accredited: Yes

Time Frame: Seasonal

Type of Position: Kitchen Staff

Day or Night: Overnight

Salary: $Depending on experience

Application Deadline:

To apply for this job please visit

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