December 15, 2022

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The Aloha Foundation is a non-profit organization nestled in the Upper Valley of Vermont. We offer five summer camps, a year-round outdoor educational center, and other educational and recreational programs. Our mission is to inspire people of all ages to learn, explore, grow, and become their best selves. We accomplish this through the curation of supportive and energetic communities, attracting and retaining talented staff and leaders, and by connecting our work deeply to an understanding of people stemming from the fields of human development and education. For more information, please visit

As a camp counselor at one of our programs, you will have the opportunity to build relationships and change the path of children’s lives. You will be fulfilled and challenged, knowing that you have given your all throughout the summer. You will work with an incredible and talented team of dedicated people. You will gain tremendous leadership skills, personal growth, and relevant educational trainings and teachings.

Skills you can expect to develop in this position:

A summer as a camp counselor at the Aloha Foundation provides you with a unique opportunity for skill-building and growth as part of a close-knit, supportive community. Counselors learn and develop a wide range of skills that are valued in all workplaces, including:

-Effective collaboration



-Problem solving


–Judgment and risk management

–Ability to take on new challenges

–Perseverance and dedication

–Strong work ethic

–Skills training

You will be assigned to live and work primarily at one of our residential summer camps (Aloha, Hive or Lanakila); our day camp (Horizons); or our family camp (Ohana) as a counselor of children. In this role, you will mentor children on a path to finding their best self, nurture relationships, teach life skills, and support the transference of all this to their world at home. These seasonal positions are for the duration of summer, possibly including certification week (determined by Camp Director), pre-camp, and closing camp. Room and board are provided, plus a competitive salary. Being a counselor is truly a demanding, full-time job, but also one that is exceptionally fun and rewarding in terms of relationships that you can build with both children and adults.


There are several general responsibilities for every counselor. This covers a lot of territory and refers to the reality that in a camp community, there are many informal duties and jobs the entire staff takes on collaboratively. At Aloha, Hive, and Lanakila, we are with campers from first thing in the morning until around 9:00 at night, with a few well-deserved breaks in between. For much of the time, we are expected to be with campers and to be creating relationships. For example, when campers go to meals, we sit with them and help them learn to eat socially and politely. When the campers go to an all-camp assembly, we are expected to intersperse ourselves with them and help get them excited to sing and participate. There are also a number of less-structured times during the day – times when you will not be in a specific unit or department counseling role – and during these times, a good general counselor will also create fun and special moments with campers by starting a game, engaging in a one-on-one conversation, or just hanging around with a small group of campers. Finally, there are many opportunities during the summer for you to get involved in other counseling activities (that fall under the “general counseling” area as well) which vary by camp, but may include going on trips, participating in special events, or planning and leading a special activity.



Aloha, Hive, and Lanakila: Most counselors live in a platform tent with three campers or a shack with four to six campers. You will be primarily responsible for looking after, and making connections with, the campers in your tent (often called your “tent family”), but you will also spend a lot of time with the campers in neighboring tents and shacks. You will be part of a larger “unit” that comprises a handful of other tents and shacks.

Horizons Day Camp: Counselors will be linked with a camper group of between 8-12 campers. Some counselors remain with their group throughout the day, while others are based in departments and join groups outside of activity time.

Ohana Family Camp: Counselors do not have tent families or camper groups at Ohana.



Counselors are assigned to activity departments. You will spend time in your department daily, working together with other counselors, planning, preparing for, and running activities for a range of campers. Managing safety is always the top priority. In addition, you will teach campers new skills, play fun games with them, help them to achieve ranks and advanced skills if they are interested, and participate in or lead other department-specific activities. You will have guidance from staff who have been at camp before and will be given opportunities to implement your own ideas as well. Other department responsibilities include equipment management and care, enforcing safety standards, completing appropriate reports or paperwork, and working together as a team with other members of the department. Applicants with exceptional experience or skills in a department area may be considered for the position of Head or Assistant Head of the department.

Some activity departments include:

Archery Arts & Crafts Biking Boating/Canoeing/Kayaking
Campcraft/Wilderness Cooking Crew Exploring
Farm & Garden Gymnastics Landsports/Athletics Performing Arts/Drama
Photography Riflery Ropes Course/Climb Tower Sailing
Swimming Tennis Trip Leading


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Company: Aloha Foundation

Location: Fairlee, VT

ACA Accredited: Yes

Time Frame: Seasonal

Type of Position: General Staff

Day or Night: Overnight

Salary: Not Specified

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