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Important Accreditation Information – Fall 2020

September 25, 2020

An email went out recently letting all camps know of some important Accreditation Information.  In the event you did not receive this information, below are some of the key points.  Questions?  Reach out to Elizabeth

Bridging – Moving From v2012 to v2019 Standards – From now through January 2022, we will be bridging all currently accredited camps to the standards of the APG v.2019.  This means all camps will be using the 2019 Version of the APG. Bridging does not affect camps visited in 2019 or change a camp’s next expected site visit.  Your next visit year will stay as scheduled.  Our goal is for all camps to be operating on the same set of standards.  We are looking at a target date of 2022 to have all camps switched over to allow camps to budget the time in a way that works best for each camp.

Camps will have several resources available for guidance and opportunities to connect with trained accreditation volunteers for standards-related questions.  We will be communicating directly with camps that have not had a site visit with the APG v.2019 on process details beginning in late September.

All New England camps that do not yet have a copy of the 2019 Accreditation Guide, please complete the following survey to receive your Guide.

APG v.2019 – At this time, there are no planned changes to the Accreditation Process Guide (APG) v.2019 (released November 2019). This includes no changes of mandatory standards. Most of the ACA standards are broad, allowing for the diverse community of camps to apply the intent and meet compliance based upon their unique operation. The standards allow for a camp to change and grow its operation and, when needed, change how it complies with the standards. We are committed to providing educational resources to help you navigate how standards apply, at the time of and beyond a site-visit.

Accreditation Process Workshops – You will have three options for an Accreditation Process Workshop in the 2020-2021 season in New England!  We will be offering:

    • In person courses (with Social Distancing in place)
    • Virtual courses to be attended ‘live’ via Zoom
    • Blended Learning option  

If you or someone at your camp/program would like to take a workshop, please see our Educational Opportunities at the ACA New England website.  The class schedule will be posted in the next few weeks.   

Is your information up to date?  Lastly this year has been full of changes, and it’s possible our records may not be accurate.  We want to ensure the appropriate person receives information and continued services.  Please contact Elizabeth to update or verify any of the following information if it has changed:

  • ACA Primary Contact
  • Standards Contact
  • Contact email / phone number

Are you looking for an Accreditation Process Workshop? 

The following courses have been scheduled: Check the Trainings Calendar for information and registration.

  • October 9 – in Person Course at Camp Hazen, Chester CT
  • November 5 – Virtual Course
  • December 9 – Virtual Course

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