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How do you do Post-Conference?

April 19, 2022

Conference Season is Over: Now What?

If you’re anything like me, you left the ACA New England conference feeling energized and full of new ideas – and then you got back to your desk and the day-to-day grind hit. All those great ideas were easily forgotten as you returned to answering emails, hiring last minute staff, and planning staff training. How do you translate those ideas into action? Here’s what I do:

  1. Review my conference notes with the purpose of finding 1-2 “golden nuggets” per session. Those golden nuggets could be anything from a session idea for staff training to a key phrase to use during a difficult conversation with a camper. I make sure to download any resources from the conference website and save them in my own files.
  2. Type all my golden nuggets into one document and review with my leadership team. Maybe you can encourage others on your team who went to the conference to do the same, so you can share ideas.
  3. Pick 2-5 actionable items for this summer season or next fall/winter. What can I implement this year? Who is taking the lead on it?
  4. Write a note or to-do to my future self about any golden nugget that applies to a different time of year (i.e. a new alumni engagement idea will probably need to wait until September to be implemented). Put this as a calendar alert, digital to-do list item, or anywhere you track your work tasks. (I’m a big fan of the free platform Asana for anyone looking for a new system.)
  5. Improve your staff training, program, or by actually acting on the great new ideas you learned at the conference!

Share your ideas in our EPIC Facebook Group! Feel free to reach out to me, Kristy Harvey, at if you want to talk more about anything above!

Kristy Andrews Harvey
Assistant Director and Waterfront Head

Kristy was a camper at Wawenock and continued on through many different seasonal roles. After graduating from Bates College, Kristy taught abroad and then returned to Maine to pursue her passion for camp by becoming a year-round camp professional.  Her favorite camp tradition is at weekly campfires, when campers and staff can publicly thank a member of the Camp Family for something specific they did that week.  Her favorite camp memory is when the youngest girls unit put on a dog wedding for two camp dogs, her Bernese Mountain Dog Kessler, and a Golden Retriever named Keeper. Their wedding was complete with invitations, vows, and a reception that kicked off with “Who Let the Dogs Out!” Kristy is also the chair of the Maine Summer Camps Community Connections Group and loves being a part of the EPIC committee!

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