Communicable Disease at Camp - a conversation on immunizations, disease management strategies, and best practices

Join the Chalmers Camp Insurance team along with the Association of Camp Nursing (ACN) on a conversation centered around the health and well-being of your camp. Tracey Gaslin, the Executive Director at ACN will be with us to share their experience and expertise. Campers and staff arrive ready to participate in your camp community. When communicable illness strikes, it impacts that participation and changes the camp experience in unanticipated ways. Effective management of communicable disease in the camp setting is based on prevention strategies and response planning. Communicable disease management cannot be accomplished by any one person; it requires collaborative effort on the entire camp community.  

Event Organizer/Sponsor: Chalmers Camp Insurance and Association of Camp Nursing

When: May 30, 2019 from 02:00pm (RSVP required)

Where: Webinar

Cost: FREE


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Jim Chalmers