The world and nation are grieving with Newtown, CT in the aftermath of the mass shooting of young children at Sandy Hook Elementary School last Friday. New England’s summer camp world grieves too. Some of the children who died were campers at ACA Accredited camps, several of which are near Newtown. Our hearts are broken for the families and the camp families who were personally affected by this tragedy.

Parents and many of us who educate and serve children will be asking difficult questions in the months to come. Camp people, with our focus on keeping children emotionally and physically safe in summer camp settings, are already thinking about next summer. Here are links to important resources that may be helpful in the days and weeks to come—Talking with Children About Tragedies, Death, & Natural Disasters (from the national ACA), Coping with Violence and Disasters (from the National Institute of Mental Health), and How Can Parents Help Children After a National Tragedy? (from MA General Hospital).