camp gives kids a world of camp

It’s well known that camps give kids a world of good. But, did you know that camps also give the world a world of good? So many aspects of being part of a summer camp community appeal to people of all ages—connecting meaningfully with others and to the natural world in a place with a completely different pace and vibe, the outside world held at bay. Camp is a place that is engineered for fun, learning, and making memories together. Camp settings—intentionally—bring out the best in us.

It comes as no surprise that more and more people are having camp-based weddings here in New England. It’s a special type of destination wedding! More and more people who are not former campers or counselors are choosing camp as their wedding venue as this recent New York Times article highlights. Folks who have grown up at or been employed by a particular camp frequently choose it as the perfect wedding setting. Camp settings provide a great way to begin a marriage, surrounded by loving friends and relatives who have gathered to focus on the new couple and on their life together.  And the brides and grooms who choose camp can then cherish camp weddings memories. Wedding memories of ceremonies in the magnificent settings where summer camps are located, on or near forests, meadows, mountains, valleys, beaches, lakes, rivers, and the ocean. And memories of the family members and friends who all came to be together at camp.