Looking for a camp? Whether you're hoping to find just the right camp for a child or just the right camp job for yourself, you're in great company at this time of the year. Everyone's looking! And here's what they're asking us most frequently: What's most important to consider in a summer camp search?  Where do I begin?


Here's the #1 question to ask and the most important thing to consider:
Is the camp accredited by the ACA? 
You can get the answer easily either by asking camp reps or by keeping an eye out for the most important logo a summer camp can show. ACA Accredited camps put this logo on their materials: websites, brochures, ads and videos. Camps frequently explain more about their ACA Accredited status in FAQs and handbooks. You'll find ACA Accreditation is something camp professionals are proud of. The ACA Standards are recognized by courts of law and government regulators as the standards for best practices in camp; the ACA Accredited camp logo stands for so much.  We were happy to read this perspective on ACA Accreditation on the blog of Mass Audubon, which is the owner/operator of the largest family of ACA Accredited camps in New England: 
18 Camps: One Important Accreditation

Photo Courtesy of Mass Audubon

Here's where we encourage everyone to begin: 

The ACA's online camp search tool: Find A Camp
 is a one-stop camp resource. Camp seekers provide information on their most important search criteria and the tool then generates a results page that links directly to websites of camps that may fill the bill. On the results page, an ACA Accredited camp logo appears next to each ACA Accredited camp so camp seekers know the answer to the most important question.