History Space: Boys and girls camps of Malletts Bay: It will come as no surprise that Colchester has been home to a multitude of summer camps over the years and, while many have closed, some still remain. With 27 miles of shoreline on Lake Champlain, summer camps —whether a small, private summer home, fondly called “our camp” by locals — or a non-, or for-profit camp for youngsters, it was inevitable that Colchester would become a hub of summer activity for campers of all ages.

Camp Kiniya: On these shores of the Great Back Bay of Lake Champlain facing the Adirondacks now lies Camp Kiniya. With 150 acres and one mile of waterfront, it is nestled where the Lamoille River empties into the lake, at the very end of Camp Kiniya Road.

Brown Ledge Camp: Of those just mentioned, the oldest is Brown Ledge Camp that is still in existence today. In 1996, in an article for the Colchester News Magazine, then camp director Bill Neilsen, said the camp started on leased land from the Malletts Bay Club and operated for eight or nine years as the Champlain Camp for boys

 Evoke Summer Camp Nostalgia with Maggie Rogers' "Dog Years" Video: Internet sensation Maggie Rogers has shared the second installment in her trilogy of videos directed by Zia Anger. The first was her “Alaska” video, which you can (and should) watch here.

Filmed at Wohelo Camps in Maine, the visual treatment for “Dog Years” is a nostalgic tribute to “friends that weather the weather,” Rogers noted in her Facebook announcement

Southington teen raises money for YMCA Camp Sloper: Several fortunate children will have the opportunity to attend YMCA Camp Sloper this summer thanks to a donation to the Sloper Scholarship Fund spearheaded by Holy Cross High School senior Leanne Raymond.

For the past several years, Raymond has asked her friends, families, and local businesses to make donations to the YMCA’s Sloper Scholarship Fund in honor of the young victims of Sandy Hook.

According to a press release, her hope in starting this campaign was to give a summer camp experience to those who can’t afford one. She did the project in memory of the children lost during the Sandy Hook tragedy.

Students Planted Giant Flip Books in a New Hampshire Forest: Monumental flip books, super-sized odes to one of animation's oldest technologies, sprouted up in an ethereal New Hampshire forest over the summer thanks to an unexpected union between London architects and a troupe of New York City public school kids. UK firm The Mobile Studio designed five massive flip books, which they call Universal Play Machines, for kids from a summer program called Beam Camp to assemble. The 10-17-year-olds built the mechanisms, based on the split-flap displays found in old airports and train stations, then drew nature-inspired animations that come to life in the human-sized contraptions. "As far as we know, these are the world’s largest mechanical flipbooks ever made!" The Mobile Studio says.

At Hazen, Camp is Not Just for Summer: “Holiday Vacation Days have been offered for many years, I remember going to them myself as a camper,” said Alex Learned, senior program director at Hazen. “Mainly it’s something we do as a service to parents.”

The Vacation Days camp programming is offered throughout the year in accordance with the holiday schedules of local schools.

From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., attendees will follow a schedule similar to that of a normal camp day, including sports, crafts, and adventure activities.

“We like to add a cooking element during the winter programming,” said Learned. “This time, kids will have the chance to make individual apple pies, and do individual pizzas on a couple of these days. The crafts we have planned include making baskets, candles, and clay ornaments.”