On week #4 of our Camp Spotlight Series, we are profiling Camp Horizons of Windham, Connecticut. Founded in 1979, by sisters and special education teachers, Chris and Kathleen McNaboe pioneered the first away-from-home camp for children with developmental disabilities in the area after a push from their students' parents. Each summer campers ages 8 - 40 enjoy eight weeks of fun focused on each individuals capabilities and talents. Campers days are filled with swimming, horseback riding, fitness, drama, boating, education crafts and more! For campers over 40, Horizons also offers a Special Masters Program. 

Horizons is much more than a camp, offering "Weekends in the Country" September through May, where campers arrive on Friday evening and return on Sunday afternoon. Educational Support Services, help high schoolers transition to adult life after graduation by teaching employment skills and independent living skills.

In addition, Horizons offers Supported Living Services which help individuals find homes, condominiums, and apartments to live a life of independence. Horizons even helps individuals find the job of their dreams through their Supported Employment Options. For over 35 years, Horizons has truly followed their mission to create and sustain person-centered opportunities for people with special needs where they live, work and play! 


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