Welcome to a new regular series, where we will introduce you to the many, wonderful ACA-Accredited camps with whom we work. There are hundreds of them and our goal is to profile each and every one! Here is our first – Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA 

Founded in 1903, Camp Becket for Boys and Chimney Corners Camp for Girls are two great reasons that New England is considered the true home of summer camp. 114 years after its founding, Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA is still going strong!! Located on 1350 acres in Becket, MA, the camps offer the chance to canoe, swim, and explore the Berkshires all while building strong character and leadership skills, making new friends and experiencing life away from home…many for the first time. If you asked the hundreds and hundreds of Becket-Chimney camp alums, you’d hear that their time there was life-changing. That is the truth -- great camps change lives.

In addition to offering a four-week rustic camp experience, Becket-Chimney also offers a Travel & Service Program for teens and the Berkshire Outdoor Center which has a wide-range of year-round programs for individuals, families or groups. Cheers to Becket-Chimney Corners…a truly wonderful and legendary camp.