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Board DEI Committee Fall Update

October 8, 2021

As part of our commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging, the DEI Committee of the ACA, New England Board has continued the conversation started this past spring. We understand this is a process with multiple answers, possibilities, and challenges. Yet, the conversation continues, and next steps are being formulated.

In the spring, we began three initiatives: Member Survey, Conference Outreach, and DEI Workshop.

Member Survey: We are re-familiarizing ourselves with information provided and looking for ways to institute ideas and address items shared.

Conference Outreach: We are hoping to continue this outreach into the upcoming Conference. We hope the 26 folks we engaged in 2021 through the Northeast Camp Conference will continue to be a part of our community as the New England Camp Conference returns in March. The outreach does not end with the Conference. We hope to further and enhance their and others participation.

DEI Workshop: The ACA, New England Board participated in part two of a workshop facilitated by Stephen Spaloss, Chief Equity Officer at City Year Inc. We were lucky enough to have this workshop in-person. It has moved us further down the road with full acknowledgment of the far-off destination.

As an association, we all have the desire to do great things for our stakeholders.  Great things can only happen if we continue the work. So, what’s next?

  1. Take the information from the survey and look for ways to address issues.
  2. Continue to understand and diversify our community
  3. Be transparent in our process, ask questions, and seek answers.
  4. Keep talking, take some risks, and be the association that looks like what we talk about.

After a summer of potentially higher stress than normal, we understand some down time is needed. In the spring we asked you to “pause and create one goal for your camp program in the area Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging”. How did it go? Was the goal achieved? Did you fall short? Why? Reflection will help us move forward. If you need to talk it out, please reach out to ACA, New England – the staff can be a resource or connect you with a consultant in this area of expertise.


Cat Logan Sangster & Doug Sutherland

ACA, New England DEI Committee Co-Chairs

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