Using the ACA brand as a symbol of trust to strengthen your program

Being accredited by the American Camp Association not only helps you develop and maintain important health and safety standards for your camp, it lets families know that you care enough to go through a peer-review of your camp and program - so let them know!

Ways to use your Accredited status

  • Affix multiple physical signs at your camp property where people will see them - repetition helps!
    • All entry points
    • The first door parents walk in
    • High-risk areas to assure parents you are complying with specific standards. i.e. challenge courses, waterfronts, health centers, etc.
    • Example 1 | Example 2 | Example 3
  • Display the Accredited logo on your website. - Example
  • Display the Accredited logo on your print materials. - Example
  • Display the Accredited logo on your business cards. - Example
  • Display the Accredited logo on your envelopes. - Example
  • Display these ready-to-print table-tents at camp fairs. - Download
  • As a standard phone greeting, say - "Thank you for calling Camp Accreditation, an ACA Accredited Camp".

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Do's and Don'ts

  • A camp may display the accreditation logo if their camp fees are current, the camp has successfully completed the accreditation process, and has a current signed annual Statement of Compliance on file with ACA.
  • A camp may NOT use the symbols of ACA accreditation, nor may it publicize ACA camp accreditation if
    • The camp failed for any reason to meet the minimum requirements and is not accredited by the local leadership OR
    • The camp has been ACA accredited but
      • The ACA camp fees are not current OR
      • A legal representative of the camp has not signed the Statement of Compliance for the current year.
  • Do not abbreviate "American Camp Association Accredited Camp" in your promotional materials. There are other organizations with the acronym ACA, such as the American Canoe Association and the American Correctional Association. Use the accreditation logo. It is a symbol we all want the public to recognize.
ACA logos are carefully protected by trademark laws – logos are not to be altered in any way, except for size.