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2021 EPIC Holiday Hang Recap

December 22, 2021

Our 2021 EPIC Holiday Hang was a hit, and we wanted to share the ideas that camp up as we talked about staffing!

General Staff “Wellness” ideas:

  • Provide staff more time off sprinkled throughout preseason/training to keep them energized for camper arriva.
  • Consider bringing in a person (volunteer? former staff alumni?) whose job it is to boost staff morale throughout the summer
    • Food always works: smoothies, coffee carts in staff room, “bar” snacks brought in like mozzarella sticks and chicken wings from the local Applebees
    • Optional, organized fun on camp for staff who aren’t on duty at night/during the day: trivia nights, firepits, paint nights, top chef-style baking competitions, game nights (Catch phrase, Charades, etc.), offer yoga, kayaking, etc., during times when staff may have a free period
  • Intramural leagues during staff week – softball, basketball etc., tennis tournament
    • Staff sign up before arrival to camp
    • 2 options – Competitive group and not-competitive group
    • Start early in the summer so people get bought in to it when they have energy, then continue throughout the summer
    • Use Group Chat/Slack/pre-summer communication channel to set it up
  • Mixed doubles competitions – Camper paired with a Counselor – tournament throughout the summer (i.e. tennis, 2 on 2 basketball etc.)
    • Activity/Area head can assign the pairs
  • Dancing with the Stars-inspired evening program “Dancing with the Staff” evening
    • Camper/counselor pair, or two campers with a staff member
  • Lip Synch Off – between campers and counselors, get leadership team involved too!

CIT/LIT programs: What has worked?

  • LIT – leadership skill workshops/sessions while taking activities (more like campers)
  • CIT – counseling skills, developing them to be leaders (more like counselors) with a stipend!
  • Can you provide them with tangible, transferrable certificates to take back home ?(First Aid/ LG certifications, “leadership” certifications)
  • Camps have different approaches to whether LIT/CITs are more like campers or more like counselors, but utilizing the internal pipeline of camper >> CIT >> counselor can help with staffing!

Congrats to Carissa Chipman (Chalmers Camp Insurance) for winning our holiday attire contest and Jonathan Caflun (Camp Wekeela) for winning trivia! 


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