Thanks for registering for the ACA New England Virtual Camp Fair. We’re excited to be hosting this event AND to have your camp take part in it.

The first step in getting your booth set up now that you’ve registered, is to establish the account you’ll use in the booth building process on the SummerCampLive website. Under the “Have a coupon? Use this code”, enter ACANEFAIR and the $799 booth fee will change to $0 since you’ve already paid ACA New England. Summer Camp Live is providing the platform for our regional camp fair. Once you visit this link and your account is established, you will receive an email containing the Account Management Guide from Vicky di Colleredo-Mels, ( SummerCampLive has extended an offer to the camps that register for this camp fair to sign on to keep your virtual booth live for a year. They are offering a $200 discount; details here

This Account Management Guide is full of booth building instructions. Please review it! The email Summer Camp Live sends has detailed instructions for you about "claiming" your booth. Follow the directions carefully. You'll need to wait for your claim to be validated. If the validation email doesn't appear quickly enough, check your spam. Once your claim is validated, you can enter the system and begin booth building.

We recommend that you learn how to build your camp’s virtual booth at the live webinar listed below or with this recorded webinar on virtual booth building. Between the Account Management Guide, the webinar and Vicky at SummerCampLIve’s willingness to respond to questions, I am confident your questions about building a booth will be addressed and answered in a way that is convenient for you. [To attend the webinar, all camp reps need to do is select JOIN; you don’t have to Login to WebEx at all.  A Webex account is not necessary to attend the webinar.  The access code and call in number appear in the WebEx but are included below just in case.]

Date      Day        Time          Webinar link:          Access Code #       Toll free #  

Jan 13    Tue           3 PM           Jan 13 webinar                  197 023 974                415-655-0001       

Jan 14    Wed       10 AM            Jan 14 webinar                  199 390 820                415-655-0001

Jan 22    Thu         12 PM            Jan 22 webinar                  190 365 644               415-655-0001

Jan 28    Wed         2 PM             Jan 28 webinar                  193 872 386               415-655-0001

Feb 2     Mon          2 PM             Feb  2 webinar                  193 272 935                415-655-0001

Feb 4     Wed         12 PM            Feb  4 webinar                   196 606 608               415-655-0001

Feb 6     Fri             10 AM           Feb  6 webinar                   195 719 566               415-655-0001

The image below clarifies that all the people who want a live webinar need to do is: Click on JOIN; you don’t have to Login to WebEx at all.  WebEx uses the LogIn buttons to prompt the viewer to create a webex account (which is not necessary to attend a webinar….).  The access code and call in number appear in the WebEx screen (toggle between the “More information” and “Less information”).   We include them just in case it’s not obvious to the camps.


Thanks again for your virtual camp fair registration! If you have any questions this week before the fair, please let me know. We’ll all be working hard on virtual booth building in the coming weeks. I'll send some links to the promotional information, which has begun to land in various places online. On social media we will be communicating quite a bit (advertising too). My purpose in sharing forthcoming information about our social media efforts is so you can share and like it from your own social media. It's critically important to be talking about our Virtual Camp Fair in as many ways as possible online.

We are excited to let the world and camp seeking public know what a great way this virtual fair will be to check out ACA Accredited day and overnight camps in New England.

All the best,

Lucy Jackson Norvell
Director of Public Information
American Camp Association, New England
80 Westview Street, Lexington, MA  02421
P: 781.541.6080 x14    F: 781.541.6084