Have You Heard About ACA's New 5 Year Accreditation Cycle?

As you may have heard, ACA will be moving to a 5 year Accreditation Cycle. Most people are asking: “What does that mean for my camp?”

Soon, we will know much more about the impact of this change on each camp, but here is some basic information so you can begin to plan for the upcoming year:

The implementation process of the new Accreditation Cycle will take 3 – 5 years.

There are nearly 400 camps in New England that are ACA Accredited.  To distribute the camp visits evenly across five years, each year some of the camps who are scheduled to have an accreditation site visit will have their site visit date moved to a future year.  This may be a one or two year delay.  

Choosing which camps will have their site visit moved to a new year will be done randomly.  All camps who are eligible will be randomly chosen. 

If your visit is scheduled for this upcoming summer and you are not randomly chosen to be moved to a future summer, nothing will change from the process of previous years.  You will be contacted in November to fill out your Camp Information Form, Visitors Assignments will arrive in late February, you will complete your Document Review, and have your site visit during the summer of 2016.   

If your camp is one of the camps randomly chosen to be moved to a future year, you will be required to fill out an Annual Accreditation Report.  This report will highlight key aspects of your operations.  It will require some written documentation to be submitted.  Moving forward this report will be required of all ACA Accredited camps for each “non-site visit year”.  

All camps due for an Accreditation site visit in 2016 will be notified in early November with more information on the year of your next site visit and the next steps to take in preparation.  

Please let Elizabeth Snell, Accreditation and Camp Services Manager, know if you have any questions.