ACA New England has appeared in several articles this winter. Sometimes members of the media come to us for camp expertise and contacts and sometimes we reach out to the media to influence articles about summer camp. From how to choose a day or overnight camp that is the right fit to what to pack, from assessing camp readiness to helping children achieve it, from dispelling stereotypes and myths to sharing stories about why every child should have the opportunity to benefit we are glad to share facts and tips and recommend camps and camp pros for reporters to interview.

Here are some of our favorite quotes with links to articles. Everybody is talking camp, and as you can see, many of them with Bette.

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Getting an education in saving the planet at summer camp:

"We create a place where kids can learn about and experience nature." -Becky Gilles, director of ACA Accredited Drumlin Farm Camp, Lincoln, MA.

Camp is one of the few places where kids can still connect with the natural world.” -Bette Bussel, executive director of the American Camp Association, New England.

Most kids today are growing up learning about sustainability, but it’ is a far-off concept for them. “Here at camp, they’ are living it. Without electricity in the cabins, the kids retreat to bed at dark. “It’ is primitive, adventurous. “They love it.” -Garth Altenburg, director of ACA Accredited Chewonki Camp for Boys, Wiscasset, ME. 

Baystate Parent

Unexpected Benefits of Summer Camp: “”If I had one wish, it would be that every child gets to experience summer camp.” -Bette Bussel, executive director of ACA New England

"This generation of kids we’re raising now is the first generation to not have a real connection with nature." -Eric Arnold, executive director at the Hale Reservation in Westwood, home of ACA Accredited Camp Hale.

Sleep-Away Camp: How to Gauge Your Child’’’s Readiness: "I ask parents, ‘Do they want to come to camp?’ because that’s a fundamental issue. “I am concerned when a child says he or she doesn’t want to go. You really need a certain amount of buy-in from the child, too." Shannon Donovan-Monti, director ACA Accredited Camp Chimney Corners, Becket, MA and member of the ACA New England board.

5 Ways to Find the Right Camp for a Child with Special Needs: "Parents really need to have an understanding that it’s going to take time to find the right programs." -Anna Wood, certified therapeutic recreation specialist and executive director of The Bridge Center, a Bridgewater organization that offers year-round programs and ACA Accredited summer camps for people with special needs.

“[Inclusion] is the true foundation of our camp. “Initially, a lot of people were, like, ‘Oh, isn’t that great for children with disabilities? Well, it’s great for all kids. You’ve got a child who’s scared of heights and they’re watching someone with Cerebral Palsy who’s in a wheelchair doing our ropes course. We all learn from each other." -Terrie Campbell, executive director of ACA Accredited Camp Howe, Goshen, MA and member of the ACA New England board of directors.

Pack it Up:  “No kid or camper will ever need a cell phone at camp. Digital cameras are great for pictures, but no phones. Camp is a time to be present in the moment, and that tie to home life takes away from the camp experience.” -Jessica Decke, Director of ACA Accredited 4-H Camp Tanglewood in Lincoln, ME

How to Prep Your Shy Child for a Great Time at Camp: "Kids don't know how to make friends face-to-face anymore. “Kids need free-form play to create those relationships organically." -Jenn Becker Carpenter, camp director of ACA Accredited Camp Aldersgate, an outdoor ministry site of the United Methodist Church in North Scituate, RI and President of the Rhode Island Association of Camps.

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