Toni Carros will retire from the Girl Scouts of Maine in early 2014


An excerpt from Toni's retirement announcement:

After 33 years of professional  Girl Scouting (25 of them in Maine) I will be retiring  sometime in early 2014.

This has been quite a career for me. It all started the first year I worked at  summer camp and knew this organization had something great to offer girls. I started my professional career in Girl Scouts taking juvenile delinquent girls (now called “girls at risk”) on a 28 day wilderness experience, I have been a Camp Director, Membership Manager,  Outdoor Program Specialist, Outdoor Program and Property Director, Resource Management Director where I oversaw product sales, fund development, PR, the shop and property and then after the merger became the Director of Property and Risk Management.

I’ve met some of the finest folks around and also some real stinkers. I’ve learned a tremendous amount, taught some and have been challenged every day. What more could you ask?

I know more about the mating habits of bed bugs, the nesting habits of mice and the finer points of septic systems then any normal person should.   I’ll surely miss designing new and improved facilities for our camps,  staying up to date on the latest alternative energy systems and troubleshooting with the very talented property dept the myriad of things that go wrong.

In closing I’ll share one of my favorite quotes that I have tried to live by during my time here at GSME.

“I long to accomplish a  great and noble task but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble.” -Helen Keller-

Toni Carros
Director of Property and Risk Management
Girl Scouts of Maine