How many volunteers does it take to power our Annual Conference?  Too many to count!  We send a huge shout out to all the folks who made this year’s 91st Conference a success.  THANKS Conference Volunteers!

volunteersConference Steering Committee

Marijean Legnard Parry, Chair
Amanda Choiniere (pictured)     
Mike Drumm 
Greg Jutkiewicz     
Johanna Lenahan
Ian Moorhouse (pictured)  
David Platt
Kate Seeger     
Amanda Zoellner     

Conference Program Committee

Greg Jutkiewicz, Chair
Susan Chenet     
Becky Gilles     
Christine Peterson
Mary Strom
Amy Willey   



Johanna Lenahan (pictured)

Speaker Liaison

Beth Johns-Thomas

Emerging Camp Professionals

Cheryl Oliveira, Chair
Wendy Berliner
Jackie Brethel
Jessica Colgan-Snyder
Alessia Doss
Keith Garbart

Special thanks to all our room hosts and bag stuffers!