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Request for Camp Exemption from Minimum Wage

All Massachusetts Camps and camp owners/operators are needed to support our request that Massachusetts Camps be considered for a full exemption from current minimum wage regulations.  We are asking for a change from our current obligations under labor and workforce regulations to track hours worked and pay for all hours worked.   As we know Resident Camps and Travel Camps are challenged to comply with this provision and Day Camps are restricted in providing increased opportunities for teen workers.    This is outlined in the position paper on the Massachusetts Camping Association website

Section 13(a)(3) of the US Fair Labor Standards Act provides a FULL exemption from the minimum wage and overtime provisions of the FLSA for all summer camp staff who are employed on a seasonal basis. The vast majority of states, including all Northeast states, mirror this important exemption. Massachusetts does not.

If Massachusetts Camps are to have an influence on these discussions we all must assist with the following actions:

  • Submit your letters to representatives and senators via the ACA Cap Wiz:
  • Follow up with phone calls to your representatives and use the MCA Talking Points as a guide to your discussions and ask.
  • Set up a meeting with your representatives to make a personal appeal on the need for this change.  Please keep the MCA Legislative Committee apprised of these meetings.

The MCA Legislative Committee consisting of Dave Peterson, Nancy Hartmann, Scott Brody, Bill Hoch; Matt Scholl, Bette Bussel (ACA NE) and Liz Cronin (ADS) are available to answer questions, provide supporting documents and guide you in your discussions with your representatives. 

The house will return on January 8th to take up legislation related to the Min Wage increase.  It is important that we get our letters and calls communicated this week and then follow up with in person meetings in early January.   

We are “Stronger Together”

Act Now