Congratulations Ron Hall for receiving the 2017 Halsey Gulick Award!

For more than two decades, this year's Halsey Gulick Award winner has brought to youth camping a creative, consistent, and exemplary commitment to children and the camp organizations that serve them. From his ten years at Camp O-AT-KA, to his current position as Maine Summer Camps Executive Director, Ron Hall has built on his long-time tenure as an educator in continuing to create positive camp experiences for youngsters from all backgrounds. At Waynflete School one administrator says his impact was "immeasurable." The same is true of his current role. 

Ron sees youth camping with a broad and effective lens. At Camp O-AT-KA he created a program that met the needs of all boys with all interests. Ron was the force behind the creation of an arts facility that included photography, stained glass, and pottery studios, not to mention rocketry, fly tying and rod building. Ron's impact ensured that all boys could pursue or discover a passion. They learned the wonder of developing their own film in a state-of-the-art darkroom, soldering stained glass, or creating their own pen on a woodshop lathe. At the same time, he expanded the camp's trips and Junior Maine Guide programs. All the while, Ron demonstrated the skills that those in the Maine youth camping community know so well: a sense of humor, endless energy, unassailable collaboration and communication skills, and an enthusiastic persistence that sees a solution to every challenge. 

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Christian's Law and Regulations in effect this summer

Based on Massachusetts General Law (M.G.L.) c. 111, §127A½, commonly referred to as "Christian's Law", and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health's (Department) previously issued guidance on Christian's Law, the Department has promulgated regulation 105 CMR 432.000: "Minimum Requirements for Personal Flotation Devices for Minor Children at Municipal and Recreational Programs and Camps", effective May 5, 2017.

The law and regulations only apply to swimming or diving areas at marine or freshwater beaches and explicitly exclude swimming pools, wading pools, and other artificial bodies of water.

In addition, the Department is issuing the guidance documents on their website, including the 2014 Department and U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary "Fit Test" training video, to support compliance with the regulation, to provide associated best practices and to help assist municipal and recreational programs and camps implementing provisions of the regulation: The link to their website can be found here

We hope you all have a wonderful summer!


Our Fall meeting will be Wednesday, September 13th at Camp Dudley at Kiniya in Colchester. This will be a chance to talk about the summer and also see the great new dining hall at Kiniya. 

The Vermont Department of Health (DOH) continues to work on the Licensed Children’s Camp Rule. The current version is with the Secretary of Human Services. They anticipate it being released back to the DOH and then they will post it on their website for a 45 day review period. Any camps that have been in contact with the DOH will get notified via email whine it is up for review. There is likely to be a hearing sometime the first week of August if things stay on track. Stay tuned for emails from the VCA to learn how you can help when the time comes.

Have a great summer enjoying the beauty of the Green Mountain State. Make sure to stop and smell the flowers and have a Creemee every now and then.