Standards Courses

Are you being visited this summer?  All camps are required to attend a Standards Course, or Standards Update Course.  The schedule of courses for the 2016-2017 is NOW available on our Professional Calendar!

Have you ever thought of becoming a Visitor?  

This is your chance!  ACA New England’s next visitor course will be held November 18th

Visitors are the heart and soul of the ACA Standards Program. Without Visitors we would have no way to implement ACA Accreditation. Join the team of New England Visitors!

Prerequisite: Participants in the Associate Visitor Course must be at least twenty-one years of age, a current ACA member, and have completed the Standards Course  

ACCREDITATION NEWS, How will I know if I am being visited this summer?

In September 2015 in ACA Now, several key operational changes to the ACA Accreditation Program were shared. These changes include shifting to continual compliance with the standards through the completion of an Annual Accreditation Report in nonvisit years.  Additionally, all eligible camps will eventually move to a five-year visit cycle.  For the majority of camps due to be visited in 2017, the visit will take place as originally scheduled in the three-year cycle. However, a modest percentage of eligible camps will have their visit moved 2019. Choosing which camps will have their site visit moved to a new year has been done randomly.  To learn more regarding the operational change to ACA Accreditation. 

All camps originally scheduled for a site visit in the summer of 2017 were contacted in September letting them know if their visit will happen as scheduled or if the visit has been postponed.  If you did not receive notification of the site visit schedule for your camp, please let Elizabeth know.